NYC Labor Against the War: 11.29 OWS Report: We Are All Egypt and Palestine

NYC Labor Against the War
11.29 Occupy Wall Street Report:

We Are All Egypt and Palestine

Solidarity, Renewal, and Struggle: Revolution Until Liberation
US Palestinian Community Network November 29, 2011

– – – – – – –
‘We salute our comrades in the 99% Movement who have held Kuffiyeh Days, built Intifada Tents, and occupied the occupiers of Birthright Israel and the Boston Israeli Consulate — such examples hold brilliant promise for future solidarity as the same US-made tear gas rains down on us in the streets of Oakland, Cairo and Bil`in.’
– – – – – – –

Dear friends and supporters of the Palestinian people in the U.S. and around the globe,

On this International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the US Palestinian Community Network marks 64 years since the partition of Palestine — 64 years of ongoing resistance, steadfastness and continuing commitment to free our land and our people. Today, we are in a time of revolution, and increasing global solidarity with our cause.

We are nearing the end of what has been a momentous year for the Palestinian people and the Arab nation. 2011 is almost over, but revolution continues throughout the Arab world. From Tunisia and Egypt to Bahrain and Yemen, the Arab revolutions are evolving in their own ways, demonstrating that the Arab people’s resolve against political despotism remains strong.

The Arab people recognize that the strategic enemies of justice and peace include puppet Arab regimes alongside Israel and its continued colonization and occupation of Palestine. The treachery of the puppet Arab regimes that are all too willing to suppress their own people while at times feigning support for Palestine is glaringly obvious.

It is equally clear that the United States cares nothing for the freedom and self-determination of Arabs, as is apparent in its massive military, economic and political support for Israel, threats of war and assassination throughout Arab countries, and its complete disregard for the movements of the Bahraini, Yemeni and Saudi people against their dictatorial regimes.

U.S. intervention, threats, and military and political maneuvers are a threat to Arab freedom and liberation — not a support. Despite attempts to co-opt the Arab revolutions and protect the status quo, however, there is no doubt that the Arab peoples will continue to demand freedom, equality, and unfettered self-determination until the last dictator is deposed and the Arab people can stand united against occupation, Zionism and all forms of globalization and exploitation.

Among all people in the region, Palestinians understand this historical moment to indicate that the Arab street rejects the status quo and seeks to create a future that is filled with hope and opportunity rather than despair and repression. Having in many ways inspired the 99% Movement in the United States, the proverbial Arab Spring is an unequivocal rejection of the puppet Arab regimes that are physical manifestations of the power abused by the world’s imperial powers.

The 99% Movement must recognize its ongoing connection to and draw inspiration from the continuing Arab revolutions. The same corporate greed against which the 99% has mobilized has worked to sustain Arab dictators that prioritize money over their people’s dignity and freedom.

Furthermore, Palestine is part of the 99% of the world, and the 99% Movement should also stand together with Palestinians to confront unfettered empire, settler colonialism, military and war profiteering. On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity, we encourage all cities and “occupations” in the 99% Movement to hold rallies, teach-ins, film screenings, and discussions about Palestine — and how to build our mutual solidarity as part of a global resistance to corporate power and imperial domination.

We salute our comrades in the 99% Movement who have held Kuffiyeh Days, built Intifada Tents, and occupied the occupiers of Birthright Israel and the Boston Israeli Consulate — such examples hold brilliant promise for future solidarity as the same US-made tear gas rains down on us in the streets of Oakland, Cairo and Bil`in.

As Egypt continues its revolution in the face of increased repression, we are reminded that the revolution is not comprised of a single action or a series of protests. Rather, revolution is a mindset, an ongoing quest to disturb the status quo and promote freedom, equality, and self-determination through fair and representative self-government.

Throughout this year, the Arab masses have demonstrated that they are the only genuine force that can bring justice, peace, and stability. We stand with the people of Egypt in their struggle to continue the revolution, confront military rule, and build a liberated Egypt that can reclaim its rightful role as a true leader of the Arab people.

At this critical juncture, we must also be wary about those forces that wish to divide us and use Arab or Palestinian institutions or official bodies to undermine and co-opt the Arab revolutions. However, we have strong faith in the Arab masses who are fully aware of their capacity to affect change without foreign intervention or interference. We also recognize and renounce attempts by the United States to treat Palestine as if it is a separate issue, totally disconnected from the popular uprisings that have gripped the Arab world.

On the contrary, the Palestinian revolution is now — as it has always been — central to the Arab revolution and the achievement of true liberation. On this day of solidarity, USPCN reiterates that we will realize Palestine’s liberation through mass mobilization, revolution, political unity, and institution building, not through “peace processes” that prioritize colonial expansion over indigenous people’s rights.

As the forces in solidarity with the Palestinians continue to increase in size and strength, we remember those — Palestinian and others — who have given their lives for Palestine’s sake, and hold close to our hearts those that remain imprisoned behind the bars of settler-colonialism and apartheid. In this time of revolution, we call on all Palestinians, Arabs, and solidarity activists alike to renew their spirit and continue to struggle for Palestine’s liberation.

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