Protest in the US and the UK – Building Bridges to Stop War Public Meeting

NEWS RELEASE: Monday 31 March 2003
CONTACT: Gabriel Furshong 0795 255 6156 E-mail:


Protest in the US and the UK – Building Bridges to Stop War Public meeting

Thursday April 3rd at 7:30pm Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Sq. WC1 4RL

Speakers include:

Michael Letwin, Co-founder and co-convenor of New York City Labor Against the War, long-time trades union and anti-racist activist. He was one of the organisers of the 500,000 strong 15th February demonstration in New York City.

Anthony Arnove, Editor of Iraq Under Seige (Pluto Press) – described by Arundhati Roy as “a brilliantly collated body of unrelenting, undeniable evidence of the horrors of sanctions and war upon the people, in particular the children, of Iraq.” A regular contributor to Znet.
(Anthony appeared as a guest on BBC Today show on Monday morning.)

Angela Veomett, from Americans Against War

‘As citizens of the United States, it is our responsibility to oppose our political leaders as they take an imperialist role in an illegal war which threatens not only Iraq but the entire “international community”,’ said American student and AAW spokesperson Gabriel Furshong. ‘The objective of Americans Against War is to resist systems of war for profit and help build a crucial link between voices of opposition in the U.S. and those in the U.K.’


1) AAW CONTACT: Susie Helme 079 5897 5496 Gabriel Furshong 079 5255 6156 Website: Email:

2) SPEAKING TOUR – Michael Letwin and Anthony Arnove will be speaking at the following meetings:

Tuesday, 1st April, 7:30pm – Hackney, Town Hall, Mare Street, London E5, organised by Hackney Stop the War Coalition

Wednesday 2 April, 6-8pm, ‘Soundings’ meeting – War in Iraq – how should we oppose it? how should we understand it? Venue: Open University London, 1-11 Hawley Crescent, NW1
(near Camden tube)

Thursday, 3rd April, 7:30pm – “Americans Speak Out Against the War”, Conway Hall, central London, Americans Against the War meeting

The Americans Speak Out Against the War tour is sponsored by Americans Against the War, Pluto Press and Red Pepper.

TOUR CONTACT: Mike Marqusee at



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