NYC Labor Against the War 10.8 OWS Report: Rising Strong, Everywhere

NYC Labor Against the War
10.8 Occupy Wall Street Report
Rising Strong, Everywhere
Today: Occupy Chicago antiwar protesters unfurl giant Palestinian flag

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“If the Occupy Wall Street protests included labour strikes, they would have the power to inflict heavy economic losses.”
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OWS Live

The Occupy Wall Street Press

What chance a general strike in Manhattan?

If the Occupy Wall Street protests included labour strikes, they would have the power to inflict heavy economic losses.

Michael Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street is trying to destroy jobs
The New York mayor says the protests are ‘not productive’ given the importance of financial services to the city’s economy.

672 School Jobs Are Lost in Largest Single-Agency Layoff Under Bloomberg
The laid-off workers are among the city’s lowest paid. School aides make $14 an hour for four to eight hours of work a day, while parent coordinators and family workers are salaried employees whose pay is about $35,000 a year, according to union representatives.

OWS Letter of Solidarity with Bahrain healthcare workers
Letter of Solidarity with imprisoned Bahrain doctors and nurses from the Occupy Wall Street Medics.

From Tunisia to “Occupy Wall Street”: Who is the AFL-CIO’s Stuart Appelbaum?
These are the deeply reactionary and sinister circles in which Appelbaum lives and breathes. What he brings to the Occupy Wall Street protests is a ferocious hostility to the working class and to socialism. AFL-CIO officials such as this should be driven out of the protests as the agents of big business and political reaction that they are.

Who is the AFL’s Stuart Appelbaum?: June 13 New York City Picket Tells Labor Officials to Dump Israel Bonds
Appelbaum has long traded on his image as a “progressive” labor leader to attack growing international trade union support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel. Recently, he has been at the forefront of a witch-hunt that banned supporters of Palestinian rights from meeting at the NYC LGBT Community Center.


Occupy America: protests against Wall Street and inequality hit 70 cities
The generation that opposed Vietnam has joined Facebook anarchists amid anger at tax breaks for the rich while ordinary folk tighten their belts

Amazing Pix: Occupy Wall Street Spreads Beyond NYC – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic
Collected here are a some of the scenes from these protests across the U.S. over the past week, as the movement moves forward with no signs of slowing.

Protestors Mark 10th Year of Afghan War
Many of the protesters merged with about 100 people affiliated with another group — Occupy Chicago — which has been rallying in the financial district against corporate influence in government for more than two weeks. That group is a spinoff of anti-wall Street protests in New York.

Protesters rally in downtown Chicago
The anti-war marchers made a stop at President Obama’s 2012 campaign headquarters in the Prudential Building, with some protesters likening Obama to many of his Republican predecessors in the way he is handling both the war and economy. The group held signs and chanted “This is what Democracy looks like,” among other slogans. Part of the group, some carrying Palestinian flags, also stopped near the Israeli consulate near Wacker Drive and Michigan Avenue. While the marchers gathered on the 10th anniversary of the start of the Afghanistan War to call for an end to U.S. military action there, economic issues weren’t far from protesters’ minds.,0,7219087.story#tugs_story_display

Standoff with protesters closes D.C. museum – CBS News
The museum has an exhibit, “Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,” that covers the history of unmanned aircraft and their current use as offensive weapons. Drones are often called the weapon of choice of the Obama administration, which quadrupled drone strikes against al Qaeda targets in Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas, up from less than 50 under the Bush administration to more than 220 in the past three years.

USA Anti-War Afganistan Demonstration Pictures – Monsters and Critics
We have added a set of pictures of the Anti-War Demonstrators Protest on 10th Anniversay of Afghanistan War.

Hunger Strike Resumes in California Prisons as Sides Dig In
“I’m ready to take this all the way,” J. Angel Martinez, one of the strike leaders at Pelican Bay State Prison, said in a message conveyed through a lawyer this week. “We are sick and tired of living like this and willing to die if that’s what it takes.”

The Irvine 11: Guilty of Being Muslims in America
It’s OK, however, for Israel to occupy Palestine illegally, persecute its people, attack them lawlessly, imprison them en masse for demanding their rights, torture them to confess to crimes they didn’t commit, steal their land, and wage war against defenseless civilians. It’s also OK for America to supply billions of dollars in aid, the latest weapons and technology, and full support for Israel’s worst crimes. Only victims are held accountable for wanting to live free in peace. Only supporters are vilified and prosecuted for courageously supporting what’s right.

As students of this public university system, which claims to value and foster an environment for free speech, we call upon the UC Administration to stand by its values and protect and encourage peaceful student activism on campus.


Around the Globe, Workers Demand Decent Work – IPS
Not only in Greece but workers from every corner of the world are resisting economic practices that they say reap profit for the wealthy by exploiting the labour of the average working person. A global wave of protest, buoyed by the ongoing Arab Spring, is crashing over capitals as far-flung as Tunis and Madrid, New York City and Beijing.

U.K.: Stop the War Coalition demo in London marks 10th anniversary of Afghan war
Hetty Bower, who was born in 1905, told demonstrators how she remembered the start of the first world war, and said “lies” were still told in order to justify conflict. “I hear my father clearly saying: ‘So, we are at war. This is where the lies begin.’ And begin they did,” she said.

CHILE: Camila Vallejo — Latin America’s 23-year-old new revolutionary folk hero
“For years, Chilean youth have been consumed by a neo-liberal model that highlights personal achievement and consumerism; it is all about mine, mine, mine. There is not a lot of empathy for the other,” said Vallejo in her office, decorated with a large photograph of Karl Marx. “This movement has achieved just the opposite. The youth has taken control and revived and dignified politics. This comes hand in hand with the questioning of worn-out political models — all they have done is govern for big business and powerful economic groups.”

BAHRAIN: Bahrain Shias mourn teen protester’s death
Security forces opened fire with tear gas, sound grenades and rubber bullets, injuring at least 11 protesters, activists said.

SYRIA: Syrian security forces ‘fire on mourners’
At least 13 people have been killed by security forces across Syria, according to the Syrian Revolution General Commission.

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