From Palestine to the US – Labor Fights Back!

JOIN US in NYC on Thursday, October 7 for a teach-in:
From Palestine to the US – Labor Fights Back!
Thursday, October 7, 2004
6:30 PM District Council 1707
75 Varick St.
14th Floor NYC (just north of Canal St., the A, E, C, 1 and 9 trains all stop at Canal)

Join Al-Awda and the New York Committee to Defend Palestine for an informative, exciting teach-in about labor organizing in Palestine and in solidarity with Palestine! Labor, Palestinian and Palestine solidarity activists will discuss the history, present and future of Palestinian workers’ organizing, the much-needed alliance between Palestinian workers and the US labor movement, and organizing for the upcoming Million Worker March in Washington DC on Sunday October 17, at this teach-in on Thursday, October 7 at DC1707 headquarters in NYC!

For far too long, while Palestinian workers have been organizing and struggling for freedom, and while workers in the US have been combatting job losses, exploitation, racism, cutbacks and repression, the US labor movement has opted to invest in apartheid in Palestine, buying over $5 billion in “Israel Bonds” and funding the further oppression of Palestinian workers.

Now, it is time for unity between workers in Palestine and the US! Join us on October 7 to learn more and find out how you can become involved!

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