Emergency Response This Week


George W. Bush has promised to unleash all-out war against Iraq, possibly as soon as Weds., March 19. At this critical moment, we urge all people of conscience to oppose this illegal war of aggression by participating in the following actions:

1) Tues., March 18, 5 p.m.: Emergency New York City convergence at Union Square.

2) Weds., March 19: Walkout! No Business as Usual! Converge and demonstrate on the day of the Bush ultimatum.

*New York City, March 19: Converge at 12 noon at Union Square.March and converge at Times Square at 5 p.m.

*Washington DC, March 19: Rally at 12 noon on the north side of the White House until a march at 5 p.m.

*San Francisco, March 19: Gather at 5 p.m. at Powell and Market.

*and at central locations in cities and towns around the country

3) Sat., March 22: New York City march, 11:30 a.m. Assemble at Broadway, between 41st and 36th St.

If war has begun, no business as usual that day. Converge at noon and into the night. In NYC, gather 5 p.m. at Times Square

If war has begun, there will also be a March 22 regional demo at the White House in Washington DC at noon, San Francisco, Los Angeles and in other cities around the country.


Intitial Endorsers:

A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition, The Greens/Green Party USA, Not In Our Name Project, NYC Forum of Concerned Religious Leaders, New York City Labor Against the War

All other organizations and coalitions are invited to join this call!


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