Coverage of NYC Labor Antiwar Press Conference

Coverage of NYC Labor Antiwar Press Conference

NY1-TV, March 20, 2003

Anti-War Protests Scheduled For Union Square Park, Times Square

The group A.N.S.W.E.R., which stands for “Act Now to Stop War and End Racism,” helped organize what it is calling an “emergency convergence” at Union Square. Hundreds of demonstrators, including labor leaders, students, religious leaders and regular New Yorkers, are expected to attend the rally.

“Our message is that this war is wrong,” said Michael Letwin of New York City Labor Against the War. “It was wrong to attack a country that has not attacked us, and it is working people that will pay the price.”

[Full interview: at 2:43]

NY Daily News, March 20, 2003

Hundreds at New York City anti-war protest

Protesters staged a peace rally under a steady drizzle Thursday to call for an immediate end to the hours-old war in Iraq.

About 300 to 400 people gathered in Union Square at midday, some holding up anti-war signs along with their umbrellas and others writing slogans in colored chalk on the sidewalk that quickly faded in the rain. . . .

A large number of the protesters represented labor groups, including the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys as well as unions for writers and graphic artists.

“It’s working people and their children who are being asked to fight this war and they have to pay for it,” said George Albro, the association’s secretary-treasurer.


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