Stop Israel’s Massacre in Gaza and End the Siege Now

By 44 Union Members at the Legal Aid Society in New York City*
December 31, 2008

martin Luther King 2.jpg

“For the sake of the hundreds of thousands trembling under our violence, I cannot be silent.”
–Martin Luther King Jr., Beyond Vietnam (April 4, 1967)

The undersigned members of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325 and 1199SEIU join millions around the world — many of whom are Jewish — to condemn, in the strongest possible terms, Israel’s ongoing massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza.

Already, the Palestinian death toll is nearly 1000; thousands more have been injured. Under international law, the vast majority are civilians.

Israel’s massacres are carried out with F-16s, Apache helicopters and other advanced U.S. weapons — part of $30 billion in military funding for Israel that will be paid for by our tax dollars over the next ten years.

We cannot turn a blind eye.

We ask all who agree with this statement to participate in upcoming protests.

*Signers (list in formation; affiliations listed for identification only)
Noha Arafa (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn; ALAA Alt. Vice-President)
Julie Fry (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn; ALAA Vice-President)
Michael Letwin (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn; former ALAA Pres.)
Azalia Torres (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn; former member, ALAA Executive Bd.)
Bahar Mirhosseini (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Mimi Rosenberg (Civil-Brooklyn)
Patrick Langhenry (Civil-Brooklyn)
Antonia Codling (Criminal Defense-Bronx; former member, ALAA Executive Bd.)
Lucy Herschel (Criminal Defense-Queens; 1199 delegate)
Steve Terry (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Rebecca Kurti (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn; 1199 delegate)
Kate Fitzer (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Andrea Ibrahim (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Roslyn Morrison (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Jamie Kauget (Juvenile Rights-Queens)
Daniella Korotzer (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn; former member, ALAA Executive Bd.)
Bharati Narumanchi (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Tajuana B. Johnson (Juvenile Rights-Bronx)
Steven Wasserman (Criminal Defense-Special Litigation; ALAA Executive Bd.)
Richard Blum (Civil-ELU)
Laurie Dick (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Sigmund Israel (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Clarissa M. Gomez (Harlem Community Law Office)
Mia Eisner-Grynberg (Criminal Defense-Bronx)
Reda Woodcock (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Jessica Goldthwaite (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Ellen S. Sacks (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Joseph Lavine (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Teresa Engst (Civil-HLU)
Hollis Pfitsch (Civil-ELU)
Warren Deans (Criminal Defense-Central Admin.)
Susan Olivia Morris (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn; ALAA Executive Bd.)
Janet Forrester (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Aida Ferrer Leisenring (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Claire Nicolay (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Marisa Benton (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Helene Busby (Harlem Community Law Office; former ALAA Vice-President)
Eric Meggett (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Ivan Pantoja (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn; ALAA Executive Bd.)
Aisha Mohamedi Richard (Criminal Defense-Queens; ALAA Alt. Vice-President)
Lisa Pitts (Criminal Defense-Brooklyn)
Magda Rosa-Rios (Harlem Community Law Office; Attorneys of Color Rep. to ALAA Executive Bd.)
Lisa Edwards (Harlem Community Law Office; former member, ALAA Executive Bd.)
Florence Morgan (Criminal Defense-Queens)

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