First Hand Reports on the Inspiring Workers Movement in the Philippines

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YOU are Invited to Join NYCLAW and NISPOP for an Evening of:

First Hand Reports on the Inspiring Workers Movement in the Philippines

¢    On the International Solidarity Affair organized by the KMU, the largest (and most progressive) trade union federation in the Philippines,

Melissa and Mark Dimondstein, members of the APWU and North Carolina Labor Against the War, bring their powerpoint presentation to NYC.  They will speak about the 2003 conference with the theme: “Expand and strengthen international workers’ solidarity against neo-liberal globalization and US-led military aggression.”  The Dimondsteins also participated in the KMU’s militant May Day demonstration in the streets of Manila.

¢    On the hard-fought strike of 700 workers at Nestle-Philippines against a notorious union-busting multinational.

Dave Pugh, a journalist and member of NISPOP, recently spent several days at the
24-7 strike encampment of the Nestle workers in Cabuyao, Laguna (south of Manila).  He will share interviews with leaders of this KMU union and introduce the NYC Premiere of  “There’s Blood in Your Coffee.”  This action-packed 23 minute video documents a series of confrontations at the plant gates, including workers pulling down barbed wire barricades with their hands!  Strike support T-shirts, posters & literature will be available.

¢    In 2002, the Bush administration deployed 3,000 US troops to the Philippines, declaring it a “second front” in their war for profit & empire.  Filipino workers are calling on their sisters and brothers in the US to build international workers solidarity against US wars of aggression from Iraq to the Philippines and everywhere else.

On:  Friday, Nov. 21
6:30-9:00 PM

At:  District Council 1707
75 Varick St. 14th Fl.
Lower Manhattan [Canal St station on A,C,E and 1,9 trains]

For more information, please contact:

NYC Labor Against the War (NYCLAW): ;  917-282-0139
Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines (NISPOP) @ 212-561-1567


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