New York Unionists Meet to Mobilize Against Iraq War (Workers World) 

New York unionists meet to mobilize against Iraq war
Published Sep 21, 2007 11:35 PM

Mike Gimbel and<br>Brenda Stokely.

Mike Gimbel and
Brenda Stokely.

Brenda Stokely made a strong appeal to unionists gathered at the AFSCME District Council 37 building in downtown Manhattan on Sept. 18 to go to their unions and community organizations and mobilize against the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to end the horrors inflicted on the peoples of those countries. Stokely is a former president of DC 1707 in New York and currently a leader of NYC Solidarity Committee for Katrina/Rita Evacuees.

Speakers included Walter Sinche, a leader of the May 1st Immigrant Rights Coalition in New York representatives of the Troops Out Now Coalition, and other trade unionists from the region. Former Local 375 Labor and Political Activities Chair Mike Gimbel organized and chaired the meeting, which pledged support for the Sept. 29 mobilization in Washington.

—Report and photo by John Catalinotto

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