One-Day NYCLAW Conference

[Download formatted flyer: leaflet]

One-Day NYCLAW Conference:
Saturday, October 19, 2002

Organizing Labor Against the War After 9/11

“NYCLAW’s first year, and the challenges ahead-Iraq & beyond

“Assaults on labor, civil and immigrant rights

“Working class antiwar movements in U.S. history

“Post-9/11 organizing experiences of  trade unionists, G.I., immigrant rights and community organizers

“Participatory workshops to develop strategy in specific unions, workplaces and communities, and how NYCLAW’s structure can best reflect that work

Location: AFSCME DC 1707, 75 Varick St., NYC
Info:, NYCLAW, Prince Street Station, P.O. Box 233, NY, NY 10012-3200

Sponsored by:  NYC Labor Against the War (NYCLAW)
Rev. Sept. 10, 2002  Labor donated


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