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New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW)
PO Box 3620166 PACC
New York, NY 10129

NYCLAW listserv: 

2 responses to “Contact NYCLAW

  1. Dominique Le Duff

    Please, sign the international petition below, and help to spread it worldwide !…
    Thanks for your help !

    International petition to the UN General Assembly to set up a special international penal court to try Israeli war crimes, notably in the Gaza Strip

    France Palestine Solidarity Association : AFPS (
    Petition :

  2. Thanks for this great website.
    Your organization is working for the truth and we are deeply pleased with it.
    We would be pleased if you work for the liberation of Northern Ireland also from the Cockroach terrorism of Cockroach Britain.
    Cockroach Britain has been terrorizing United Ireland for the past 800 years and we have had enough and we cannot take it any more.
    Similarly, Cockroach Britain is also occupying Argentinian Malvinas (Falklands), Spanish Gibralter also and these terrorist occupations must also be brought to an end.

    Bobby Sands
    Proud Irish who hates Cockroach Britain

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