Forum: Let’s Talk About Really Supporting Our Troops & Vets

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Let’s Talk About Really Supporting Our Troops & Vets:
End the Occupation of Iraq–Bring the Troops Home Now!

A Forum Presented by Veterans and Military Family Members

Moderator: Ben Chitty (USN 1965-9, Vietnam 1966-7, 1968)
Member AFT Local 2334 and Veterans for Peace

Saturday, October 18, 2003, 4-6 p.m.
AFSCME District Council 1707
75 Varick Street (at Canal), 14 Floor Auditorium

In Iraq: 3-4-5-6 soldiers killed every week . . . another 12-15 wounded . . . another 20-30 so sick they leave by medevac. Now Bush wants $87 billion more for his war — on top of the $90 billion already spent.

Meanwhile: Congressional Republicans propose reducing combat pay and family separation allowances, and making veterans disability compensation harder to get

Meanwhile: The Pentagon refuses to verify baseline medical data for deployed troops (even though more than 200,000 veterans from Desert Shield and Desert Storm are already rated disabled), denies that depleted uranium may be hazardous, and claims to be exempt from FDA and EPA regulations

Meanwhile: One in three women veterans report being abused or raped, and domestic violence in military families occurs at twice the national average

Meanwhile: The Department of Veterans Affairs plans to close seven veterans hospitals (including the Manhattan V.A. Medical Center on 23rd Street)

Sponsored by: New York City Labor Against the War
For more information: 718.997.3734 workdays 9-5, or


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