March on April 20 in DC

Join NYCLAW in D.C. on Saturday, April 20 to: Stop The War–At Home & Abroad New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) is a host organization of the April 20 march on D.C. to stop the U.S. government’s war–at home and abroad.

NYCLAW’s principles, which have been endorsed by nearly 1,000 trade unionists in, and beyond, the New York metro area are:

**NO WAR. It is wrong to punish any nation or people for the crimes of individuals–peace requires global social and economic justice.
**JUSTICE, NOT VENGEANCE. An independent international tribunal to impartially investigate, apprehend and try those responsible for the September 11 attack.
**OPPOSITION TO RACISM — DEFENSE OF CIVIL LIBERTIES. Stop terror racial profiling and legal restrictions against people of color and immigrants, and defend democratic rights.
**AID FOR THE NEEDY, NOT THE GREEDY. Government aid for the victims’ families and displaced workers–not the wealthy. Rebuild New York City with union labor, union pay, and with special concern for new threats to worker health and safety.
**NO LABOR “AUSTERITY.” The cost of September 11 must not be borne by working and poor New Yorkers. No surrender of workers’ living standards, programs or other rights.

As the war spreads–or threatens to spread–from Afghanistan to the Philippines, Yemen, the West Bank, Colombia, Iraq and elsewhere, now is the time to act.

NYCLAW Buses NYCLAW buses to D.C. will leave from the New School, 65 Fifth Ave. (13/14 streets), Manhattan. Depart NYC: Assembly–5:30 a.m. Departure 6 a.m. SHARP! Depart D.C.: 5:30 p.m. (arriving NYC 10:30 p.m.) Tickets: $30. Contact: Saad Kadhim at 917.575.1388, 212.666.3269, or buy tickets in person from Taxi Drivers’ Alliance, 122 W. 27 St., 10 Fl., Tu/W/Fri, 6-8 p.m. Please come and bring your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Space is limited, so act now! NYCLAW: March Details:


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