Nov 18-20: Not In My Name: Stop the War Demonstration, London, UK

Nov 18-20: Not In My Name: Stop the War Demonstration, London, UK  

Please also visit UK IMC “Peace Not War” page: Stop the War Coalition (StW) PO Box 3739, London E5 8EJ 07951 235 915

NEWS RELEASE: Saturday 17 November 2001
MEDIA CONTACTS: Lindsey German 07810 540584 and Andrew Murray 07773 764455.
NB Media contact on Sunday 18 November: Mike Marqusee from 9 am on 07961 144905

* Not in our name! – big turn out expected for national anti-war march
* “This war of lies must end now”
* Please note below: updated details and schedule for Sunday’s march and rally

“As 4000 British troops join the fighting in Afghanistan, with no clear mission or plan, and as US Vice-president Dick Cheney threatens to extend the war to other countries, there’s more reason than ever to join Sunday’s big Stop the War demonstration in London,” said a Stop the War Coalition spokesperson today.

“While the B52s and the cluster bombs continue to rain down on innocent Afghanis – in our names – Afghanistan’s rival armed factions jockey for military advantage and super-power sponsorship.

“It’s never been clearer that this war is hypocritical, destructive and counter-productive. Tomorrow in London tens of thousands will send out a message across the world – this war of lies must end now!”

Updated details for Sunday’s demonstration:

1) ORGANISERS. The march is organised by the Stop the War Coalition and is supported by a wide range of peace and political organisations, community groups, trades unions and individuals (including CND, Labour MPs, RMT, ASLEF, the Muslim Parliament, the National Civil Rights Movement, the Newham Monitoring Project, the London Council of Mosques, Labour Against the War, Media Workers Against the War, Lawyers Against the War, and Artists Against the War).

2) ROUTE: Protesters will assemble from 12 noon at Hyde Park (Marble Arch end) and will march to a rally at Trafalgar Square via Park Lane, Piccadilly and Haymarket.

3) There will be speakers at the Hyde Park commencement of the march from 12 noon as well as at the rally in Trafalgar Square, which is scheduled to begin at 2:30pm.

4) HYDE PARK CORNER RALLY 12 noon. Speakers will include Adam Price (Plaid Cymru MP), Alan Simpson MP, Caroline Lucas (MEP, Green Party), Louise Christian (human rights lawyer), Bruce Kent (peace campaigner), Mike Mansfield (representing the National Civil Rights Movement), Bernard Regan (National Executive member, NUT, in personal capacity), as well as Dr Jonathan Farley, an African-American currently at Oxford on a Fulbright scholarship, who will reply to Chelsea Clinton. (Please see Dr Farley’s powerful article in this morning’s Guardian).

5) TRAFALGAR SQUARE 2:30m onwards. John Pilger, Germaine Greer, Bianca Jagger, Tony Benn, Asad Rehman (human rights activists and chair, Newham Monitoring Project), NATFHE general secretary Paul Mackney and MPs Jeremy Corbyn, Paul Marsden and George Galloway, as well as a representative from the London Council of Mosques. Also speaking will be Michael Letwin, representing New York City Labor Against the War, a coalition of trades unionists from ‘ground zero’ opposed to the war being made in their name.

6) PHOTO OP. Artists Against the War will provide moving giant puppet figures to help kick off the march.

7) IFTAR. In Trafalgar Square, at 4:10pm, demonstrators will be invited to join in iftar (fast-breaking), in solidarity with people suffering in Afghanistan. A speaker will explain the meaning of fast-breaking during Ramadan. There will also be prayer facilities for Muslims attending the march.

8) MEDIA DESK. From 9:30 am, near Speaker’s Corner (at the location known as ‘Reformer’s Tree’ in the north east corner of Hyde Park), there will be a media officer (Mike Marqusee) of the Stop the War Coalition available to answer questions or arrange interviews with representatives of the Coalition. Ask for Mike Marqusee, next to the platform that will be set up for the speakers or call him on Sunday at 07961 144905

9) MEDIA CONTACTS. Andrew Murray (chair, Stop the War Coalition steering committee) on 07773 764455 or Lindsey German (convenor, Stop the War Coalition steering committee) on 07810 540584. On Sunday call Mike Marqusee on 07961 144905.

10) Other upcoming events:

* Media Workers Against the War

Monday, 19 November Public meeting: Unheard voices:opposition to the war in the USA with Michael Letwin, representing New York City Labor Against the War.

7:30pm, Monday, 19 November University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1

Against a backdrop of monolithic pro-war media coverage, an anti-war movement has taken shape in the United States. Michael Letwin, of NYC Labor Against the War, will report from ‘ground zero’ on dissent in the USA. As a New Yorker and a public sector trades unionist, he will explain why he rejects the war being made in his name, and its impact on civil liberties, racism and the media.

Michael Letwin is in London as a representative of NYC LAW, a coalition of New York area trades unionists campaigning against the US-led war in Afghanistan. [See for more details]. He is also the elected president of the UAW local representing legal aid attorneys in New York, although he is not visiting London in that capacity. Plenty of time for questions from the floor. Contact Dave Crouch 07801 789297


The movement against the war in US unions – the impact of the war on US working people – with special guest speaker from New York City Labor Against the War

Tuesday 20 November, 7.30pm Exmouth Arms pub, Starcross Street, London NW1 (off Drummond Street), Euston and Euston Square tubes. Speaker: Michael Letwin, representing New York City Labor Against the War (and in a personal capacity president of UAW local representing legal aid attorneys). Michael Letwin is attending the demonstration on Sunday and speaking at Trafalgar Square. This will be an opportunity for trade-union activists in London to hear at greater length a report on the campaign against the war in the USA, and on the impact of the war on US workers and trades unions. For Trades Unionists Against the War please contact: Fred LePlat, at


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