October 7 Coalition Report


On Monday, October 22nd a meeting was held by the people who have facilitated the large coalition meetings and representatives of some of the working groups of a city-wide anti-war coalition that began meeting at the Brecht Forum and organized the October 7th anti-war demonstration. We discussed several of the problems at recent meetings, and had an initial exchange of ideas about the nature of this new coalition.

We agreed that an interim step is needed before the next large general meeting. This would build on the existing strengths of our coalition – the working groups and participating organizations – and allow us to establish a stronger foundation to help build a lasting peace movement in New York City.

Toward that end, we agreed to convene an interim meeting this coming Monday, October 29th at 6:30 pm at the Brecht Forum (122 W. 27thSt., 10th Floor.) Each of the working groups of the coalition are being asked to send 2 representatives. In addition, we hope that each of the organizations that have been part of the coalition or want to be involved in the coalition, will send 1 representative (individuals are also welcome to attend). CydCharise Goler nd Humberto Brown will co-facilitate this meeting, which will include the following items (not necessarily in this order):

– nature of this entity as a “coalition”
– name of the coalition
– structure of the coalition
– process/facilitation of meetings
– decision-making
– reports from the working groups, including proposals for the work and activities of this coalition

In preparation for this meeting, we encourage each of the working groups to meet before next Monday night in order to discuss these issues and select representatives to the 10/29 meeting. Below is a contact list for the working groups, with information about some of their meetings.


Andrew Stettner (notetaker)

Other attendees at 10/22 meeting: Arun Aguiar, John Riley, Nhan Ngo Thanh, Merle Ratner, Michael Letwin, Diane Greene-Lent, Daniel Vila, Bill Koehnlein, Ariella, Gloria Bletter, Tom Burgess, CydCharise Goler, Humberto Brown, Tristin Adie and Leslie Cagan. {Note: Andrew Stettner took these notes, and bears sole responsibility for their errors}

1. People of Color Outreach:
Margarita Garcia: m_carnauba@excite.com
Next Meeting: Thursday, October 25th, 6:30 pm at the National Black Theater, 5th Avenue and 125th St.

2. Labor Outreach:
Michael Letwin: letwin@alaa.org
Ray LaForest: raylaforest@mindspring.com
Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 24th at 6 pm, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, 568 Broadway, Suite 702A (just south of Houston)

3. Neighborhood Outreach:
Paul Mishler: mishlerp@aol.com
Mark Leger: trix@panix.com

4. Religious Outreach:
Johanna Ghiggeri: ghiggeri@ix.netcom.com
Peter Laarman: plaarman@judson.org
Yanira Lopez: ylitchel@aol.com
Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 23rd, 5:30 pm, Intercommunity Center for Peace and Justice, 20 Washington Square North

5. Student Outreach Group:
Douglas Medina: djmdam@hotmail.com (718-386-5635)

6. Education:
Bill Koehnlein: toplab@toplab.org

7. Internal Media & Communication:
Amy Melnick: amyinusa@yahoo.com

8. External Media & Communication:
Lisa Caswell: lcaswell17@cs.com

9. Arts & Culture:
Judith Miller: zeldaarts@mindspring.com

10. Finance & Administration:
Tom Waters: tjwaters@earthlink.net
Arun Aguiar: ArunAguiar@aol.com

11. October 7 Event (Other Protests):
Diane Greene Lent: greenelent@earthlink.net

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