National Labor Antiwar Statement

National Labor Antiwar Statement


All trade unionists, regardless of location, are invited to endorse the NYC Labor Against War statement below. (If you are not a trade unionist, please forward this to union members.) Endorsers will be listed by city and/or country. (All affiliations and titles will be “for identification only,” unless otherwise requested.)

A hard-copy sign-up form and latest list of signers can be downloaded from <;.

To list your name (current list of signers below), please e-mail your name and union affiliation/position to,, or fill in the blanks below, and fax this page to 212.343.0966.

Name: Union/Position:

E-mail: City:



September 11 has brought indescribable suffering to New York City’s working people. We have lost friends, family members and coworkers of all colors, nationalities and religions–a thousand of them union members. An estimated one hundred thousand New Yorkers will lose their jobs.

We condemn this crime against humanity and mourn those who perished. We are proud of the rescuers and the outpouring of labor support for victims’ families. We want justice for the dead and safety for the living.

And we believe that George Bush’s war is not the answer.

No one should suffer what we experienced on September 11. Yet war will inevitably harm countless innocent civilians, strengthen American alliances with brutal dictatorships and deepen global poverty–just as the United States and its allies have already inflicted widespread suffering on innocent people in such places as Iraq, Sudan, Israel and the Occupied Territories, the former Yugoslavia and Latin America.

War will also take a heavy toll on us. For Americans in uniform–the overwhelming number of whom are workers and people of color–it will be another Vietnam. It will generate further terror in this country against Arabs, Muslims, South Asians, people of color and immigrants, and erode our civil liberties.

It will redirect billions to the military and corporate executives, while draining such essential domestic programs as education, health care and the social security trust. In New York City and elsewhere, it will be a pretext for imposing “austerity” on labor and poor people under the guise of “national unity.”

War will play into the hands of religious fanatics–from Osama bin Laden to Jerry Falwell–and provoke further terrorism in major urban centers like New York.

Therefore, the undersigned New York City metro-area trade unionists believe a just and effective response to September 11 demands:

*NO WAR. It is wrong to punish any nation or people for the crimes of individuals–peace requires global social and economic justice.

*JUSTICE, NOT VENGEANCE. An independent international tribunal to impartially investigate, apprehend and try those responsible for the September 11 attack.

*OPPOSITION TO RACISM–DEFENSE OF CIVIL LIBERTIES. Stop terror, racial profiling and legal restrictions against people of color and immigrants, and defend democratic rights.

*AID FOR THE NEEDY, NOT THE GREEDY. Government aid for the victims’ families and displaced workers–not the wealthy. Rebuild New York City with union labor, union pay, and with special concern for new threats to worker health and safety.

*NO LABOR “AUSTERITY.” The cost of September 11 must not be borne by working and poor New Yorkers. No surrender of workers’ living standards, programs or other rights.


*Larry Adams, National Postal Mail Handlers Union Local 300

*Barbara Bowen, Professional Staff Congress-CUNY/AFT Local 2334

*Arthur Cheliotes, CWA Local 1180

*Michael Letwin, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325

*Jill Levy, Council of Supervisors and Administrators (CSA), NYS Federation of School Administrators, AFSA Local 1

*Maida Rosenstein, UAW Local 2110

*Joel Schwartz, CSEA Local 446, AFSCME

*Brenda Stokely, AFSCME Local 215, DC 1707

*Jonathan Tasini, National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981

*Jayma Abdoo, Joint Council Delegate, UAW Local 2110

*Ervand Abrahanian, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Tristin Adie, Shop Steward, CWA Local 1109

*Marilyn Albert, RN, SEIU Local 1199

*George Albro, Sec’y-Treasurer, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Tom Anderson, Vice-Chairperson, OSA

*Anthony Arnove, NWU/UAW Local 1981

*Sylvia Aron, Human Serv. Providers Adv. Cttee., NYC Central Labor Rehab. Council; Past President, AAUP, Adelphi Chapter

*Stanley Aronowitz, University-Wide Officer & Executive Council, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Daniel Ashworth, Delegate, CDD-Brooklyn, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Harold Bahr III, Chair, GLTGC, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Ellen Baker, Assistant Professor of History, Columbia University; AAUP

*Thomas Barton, Shop Steward, AFSCME Local 768, DC 37

*Nicholas K. Bedell, Grievance Representative, CWE/UFT

*Dorothee Benz, Communications Director, CWA Local 1180

*Carl Biers, Executive Director, AUD

*Peter Blum, Acting Vice-President/CAB, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Robert Bomersbach, OSA

*Ian Brand, UNITE! Local 169

*Caroline N. Brown, AFSCME Local 2627, DC 37

*Bill Bradley, Delegate, SEIU Local 32B-J

*Renate Bridenthal, Chair, International Committee, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Rachel Burd, labor consultant, NWU/UAW Local 1981

*Chris Butters, AFSCME Local 1070, DC 37

*Barbara H. Chasin, officer, AFT Local 1904, Montclair State University

*A.B. Chitty, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334; USN 65-9 VN, 66-7 68, NY/VVAW

*Maria J. Chiu, JRD-Queens, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Kimberly Christensen, UUP

*Patricia Clough, Queens College Chapter Officer, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Antonia Codling, Chair, ACLA, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Hillel Cohen, Delegate, SEIU Local 1199

*Catherine Cook, Joint Council Delegate, UAW Local 2110

*Sandi E Cooper, Prof. of Hist., College of SI & Grad. Sch.-CUNY, frm. chair, Univ. Fac. Senate; PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Thelma C. Correll, SEIU Local 1199, Retirees Chapter Executive Cttee.; AUD Adv. Bd.; PHANYC

*Lillian Cozzarelli, CWA Local 1180

*Claire Crosby, GSEU/UAW Local 2110

*Jackie DiSalvo, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Robert E. Dow, AFSCME Local 2627, DC 37

*Bryce Dowd, Organizer, SEIU Local 1199

*Steve Downs, Executive Board, TWU Local 100

*Phyllis Eckhaus, NWU/UAW Local 1981

*Madeleine M. Egger, CWA Local 1101

*Hester Eisenstein, Queens College Chapter, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Toby Emmer, Director, UAW Region 9A Education Fund

*Hugh English, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Hillary Exter, LSSA/UAW Local 2320

*Samuel Farber, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Kate Fitzer, CDD-Brooklyn, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Geoffrey Fox, NY Local Steering Committee, NWU/UAW Local 1981

*Josh Fraidstern, TWU Local 100

*Richard W. Franke, Executive Board, AFT Local 1904, Montclair State University

*Lew Friedman, UFT

*Eric Fruman, AFT

*Nanette Funk, Brooklyn College Chapter, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Pam Galpern, Shop Steward, CWA Local 1101

*Gary Goff, Recording Sec’y, AFSCME Local 2627, DC 37

*Marty Goodman, Executive Board, TWU Local 100

*Winston A. Gordon, CDD-Brooklyn, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Mark Grashow, former Chapter Chairperson, UFT

*Shirley Gray, Grievance Representative, OSA

*Mike Grimbel, AFSCME Local 375, DC 37; Delegate, NYC Central Labor Council

*George Gulifield, AFSCME Local 2627, DC 37

*Larry Hanley, City College Delegate, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Elon Harpaz, Delegate, CAB, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Bill Henning, Vice-President, CWA Local 1180

*Lucy Herschel, Delegate, SEIU Local 1199, Legal Aid Society Chapter

*Ed Hilbrich, SSA/SEIU Local 693

*Carol Hochberg, Vice-President/JRD, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Norman Hodgett, AFSCME Local 371, DC 37

*Nina Howes, RN, Delegate, SEIU Local 1199

*Dean Hubbard, union attorney, Labor & Employment Committee, National Steering Committee, National Lawyers Guild

*Carolyn Hughes, UFT

*Lisa Jessup, Organizer, UAW Local 2110

*Christine Karatnytsky, Executive Board, New York Public Library Guild, AFSCME Local 1930; Editor, Local 1930 Update

*Danny Katch, Teamsters Local 805

*Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, Director, Queens College Worker Education Extension Center; PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*David Kazanjian, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Dian Killian, Organizer, Journalism Division, NWU/UAW Local 1981

*Terry Klug, Sec’y-Treasurer, TWU Local 241

*Lisa Maya Knauer, GSOC/UAW Local 2110

*John Korber, IWW-NYC; UFT

*Daniella Korotzer, Alternate Vice-President/CDD-Brooklyn, Health & Safety Representative, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Kitty Krupat, Bargaining Team, GSOC/UAW Local 2110

*Ray Laforest, Staff Representative, DC 1707, AFSCME

*Jane Latour, Dir., Women’s Proj., AUD; Man. Ed., Hardhat Mag.; NWU/UAW

Local 1981

*Tatiana Lemon, Delegate, SEIU Local 1199, Legal Aid Society Chapter

*Robert Lesko, Vice-President, AFT Local 3882

*Eileen A. McCann, Alternate Delegate, Civil-SI, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Patrick McCreery, GSOC/UAW Local 2110

*Miguel Maldonado, President, Immigrant Worker’s Association

*Julius Margolin, IATSE Local 52

*Barton Meyers, Chair, Grievance Policy Committee, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Aaron Micheau, CAB, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Charlene Mitchell, Assistant to the President, AFSCME Local 371, DC 37

*Chuck Mohan, President, Guyanese-American Workers United; Staff Representative, AFSCME DC 1707

*Charles Molesworth, Acting Chair, Queens College Chapter, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local

*Kim Moody, NWU/UAW Local 1981; Labor Notes Policy Committee

*Florence Morgan, CDD-Queens, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Susan Olivia Morris, CDD-Brooklyn, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Amy Muldoon, CWA Local 1106

*Ken Nash, Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report in Exile

*Marcia Newfield, BMCC Chapter Officer, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Catherine Newton, Alternate Delegate, CDD-Brooklyn, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Daniel Nichols, AFSCME Local 2627, DC 37

*Matt Noyes, Education Coordinator, AUD; NWU/UAW Local 1981

*Tony O’Brien, Delegate, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Susan O’Malley, Executive Council, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Dennis O’Neil, Legislative Director, NY Metro Area Postal Union, APWU

*Richard L. Oeser, IATSE Local 52; Cornell Labor Studies; National Labor College

*Greg Pason, NJ Steering Committee, NWU/UAW Local 1981

*J.P. Patafio, New Directions Caucus & Executive Board, TWU Local 100

*Paul Peloquin, Delegate, LSSA/UAW 2320

*Andy Piascik, Program Coordinator, AUD; NWU/UAW Local 1981

*John Pietaro, Delegate, SEIU Local 1199, Health Systems Division

*Pride at Work, NY

*Jim Provost, LSSA/UAW 2320

*Mike Quinn, High School Delegate, UFT

*Gloria E. Qui’ones, former member, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Peter Ranis, Executive Council, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Shirley Rausher, BMCC Delegate, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Amie Ravitz, union labor attorney; former delegate and Executive Board, LSSA/UAW 2320

*Dominic Renda, CWA Local 1105

*Sally Ridgeway, AAUP, Adelphi Chapter

*Cicely Rodway, Queens College Chapter Officer, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Adolph Reed, Jr. NWU/UAW Local 1981

*Nancy Romer, Executive Council, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Mimi Rosenberg, Delegate, Civil-BNO, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Andrew Rowe, CDD-Brooklyn, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Cathy Ruckelshaus, Litigation Director, National Employment Law Project

*Trudy Rudnick, Organizer, AFT Local 3882

*Michael Ruscigno, IBT Local 802

*Jay Schaffner, Supervisor, National Contracts Dept., AFM Local 802

*Tim Schermerhorn, Vice President, RTO, TWU Local 100

*Jose Schiffino, Organizer, UNITE! Local 169

*Jason Schulman, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Wendy Scribner, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Hasan Shafiqullah, CDD-Brooklyn, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Ryan Shanahan, JRD-Queens, 1199/SEIU, Legal Aid Society chapter

*George Snedeker, Disability Rights Committee, UUP

*Soo Kyung Nam, UAW Local 2320

*Joyce Soso, AFSCME Local 2627, DC 37

*Ann Sparanese, Shop Steward, RWDSU Local 29

*Claudette R. Spencer, CDD, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Rob Spencer, Director of Media Services, OSA

*Michael Sullivan, Organizer, UNITE!

*Gibb Surette, Delegate, LSSA/UAW 2320

*Sean Sweeney, Director, Cornell Labor Studies

*Kyle Talbert, AFSCME Local 2627, DC 37

*John Talbutt, AFSCME SSEU/Local 371, DC 37

*Terry Taylor, IBEW Local 827, Black Telephone Workers For Justice

*Steve Terry, Alternate Delegate, CDD-Brooklyn, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Miriam Thompson, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Azalia Torres, Alternate Vice-President/CDD-Brooklyn, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Juliet Ucelli, UFT

*Mark Ungar, PSC-CUNY, AFT Local 2334

*Lise Vogel, AAUP/CBC

*Marilyn Vogt-Downey, UFT

*Kit Wainer, UFT

*Michael Ware, Shop Steward, CWA Local 1109

*Ron Washington, IBEW Local 827, Black Telephone Workers For Justice

*Steve Weiner, Shop Steward, AFSCME Local 2627, DC 37

*Edlyn Willer, Delegate, CAB, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Corinne Willinger, PEF

*JoAnn Wypijewski, TNGNY/CWA

*Ethan Young, NWU/UAW Local 1981

*Naomi Zauderer, National Employment Law Project; UAW Local 2320 and UAW Local

*Milton Zelermyer, Delegate, PRP, ALAA/UAW Local 2325

*Robert Zuss, Vice-President/CDD-Brooklyn, ALAA/UAW Local 2325


AAUP. American Association of University Professors

ACLA. Attorneys of Color of Legal Aid

AFM. American Federation of Musicians

AFSA. American Federation of School Administrators

AFT. American Federation of Teachers

AFSCME. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

ALAA. Association of Legal Aid Attorneys

APWU. American Postal Workers Union

AUD. Association for Union Democracy

CAB. Criminal Appeals Bureau, Legal Aid Society

CDD. Criminal Defense Division, Legal Aid Society

CSEA. Civil Service Employees Association

CUNY. City University of New York

CWA. Communication Workers of America

CWE. Consortium for Worker Education

GLTGC. Gay, Lesbian, Trans-Gender Caucus

GSEU. Graduate Student Employees United

GSOC. Graduate Student Organizing Committee

IATSE. International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

IBEW. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

IBT. International Brotherhood of Teamsters

IWW. Industrial Workers of the World

JRD. Juvenile Rights Division, Legal Aid Society

LSSA. Legal Services Staff Association

NWU. National Writers Union

OSA. Office of Staff Analysts

PEF. Public Employees Federation

PRP. Prisoners Rights Project, Legal Aid Society

PSC. Professional Staff Congress-City University of New York

RWDSU. Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union

SEIU. Service Employees International Union

SSEU. Social Service Employees Union

TWU. Transport Workers Union

UAW. United Auto Workers

UFT. United Federation of Teachers

UNITE! Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees

UUP. United University Professions

VVAW. Vietnam Veterans Against the War


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